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Cyber Ethics

Welcome to our digital platform where we will be discussing Cyber Ethics concerning children of all age groups, starting with toddlers and spanning up to High School students. The content here is opinion oriented and research based. Feel free to contribute your take on Cyber Ethics as it applies to the field of early childhood, primary and secondary education.

Cyber Ethics is an incredibly vital field in the world of Technology and Education. Students are required more each day, to improve their technological, digital and media literacies. Within these recent societal and educational requirements and frameworks of technological understanding, lies the risk of Cyber threats and online dangers. From toddlers who use parent cell phones and IPad, to elementary school aged children being able to search for appropriate content and be able to communicate effectively on line, to High School Seniors communicating on social media platforms and attempting to locate research, are all at risk for certain Cyber dangers. These Cyber dangers include but are not limited to, online cyberbullying, digital harassments, hidden predators, identity thieves and online payment scams. Younger children need to be aware of dangers and can be guided to alert an adult if inappropriate content is presented. Middle school and High school students need to be warned about the effects of cyberbullying and online predators.

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